The Farnham Gallery

The Maxwell family from whom the Barons Farnham were descended arrived in Ireland towards the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who died in 1603.
Robert Maxwell, of East Kilbride. Lanarkshire, Scotland, arrived in Ireland at this time, and has been described as 'one of four lowland Scots of any consequence who lived in the English Pale'.

Robert's eldest son, also Robert, became Church of Ireland bishop of Kilmore in 1643, and Ardagh in 1661. In 1664, Robert purchased the manors of Dromhill and Dromellan in the central barony of Upper Loughtee, County Cavan, from Thomas Waldron, thus initiating the Maxwell family's position as Cavan's major landowners for the next 330 years

In this exhibit

The Farnham Gallery displays photographs, mementos, letters, war medals and papers relating to the Farnhams. The museum also holds portraits of various members of the Maxwell family, including many Lords Farnham, dating from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. A marble bust of Henry, seventh Lord Farnham, is also on display. We wish to thank Lady Diana Farnham for entrusting such a wonderful and diverse collection to the care of Cavan County Museum.





Further Information

The following is the list of Barons Farnham to date:

1756: John Maxwell, first Baron Farnham.

1759: Robert Maxwell, second Baron Farnham (1760, becomes Viscount Farnham and in 1763 becomes Earl of Farnham).

1779: Barry Maxwell, third Baron Farnham (1781, becomes Viscount Farnham and in 1785 becomes Earl of Farnham).

1800: John James Maxwell, fourth Baron Farnham.

1823: John Barry Maxwell, fifth Baron Farnham.

1838: Henry Maxwell, sixth Baron Farnham.

1838: Henry Maxwell, seventh Baron Farnham.

1868: Somerset Richard Maxwell, eighth Baron Farnham.

1884: James Pierce Maxwell, ninth Baron Farnham.

1896: Somerset Henry Maxwell, tenth Baron Farnham.

1900: Arthur Kenlis Maxwell, eleventh Baron Farnham.

1957: Barry Owen Somerset Maxwell, twelfth Baron Farnham.

2001: Simon Kenlis Maxwell, thirteenth Baron Farnham